I Need To Be Beautiful

I need to be thin.

My name is Delia. I'm sixteen years of age, and my birthday is the twentieth of October. I have an eating disorder that's not commonly awknowledged as an eating disorder - binge eating. I can go for hours and hours without eating a meal and then completely gorge myself and have 5000 calories in one sitting. It's slightly disgusting. But I'm working on it and have actually been restraining myself to 400-1000 calories a day. =]
Anyway, I'm the girl who you'd see walking down the streets in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt from the concert she went to the night before. She has piercings and has weird colored hair (having had bright red, aqua, purple, dark blue, blonde, dark red, and burgendy). She's cool but people think she's a freak and that's perfectly okay with her. She's getting her eyebrow pierced for her birthday as her little gift to herself. =]
She loves music. A lot. Has been to so many concerts that she's lost track. Moves a lot. Travels all the time. Has only one best friend whose been with her for six years, and a boyfriend who's absolutely amazing. He loves her despite her fatness even though he says she's not - she knows she is.