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I Need To Be Beautiful

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12:30 am - Form Sping
Don't know why I decided to get one, but I did

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04:53 pm - BMI
My BMI is currently 37.76 which is in the 'obese' category. Now, I've been calculating everything to find out what weight I would need to be to be in the other categories, so here it is: (PS. I'm really short, 5'4")
  • Overweight = 174 lbs.
  • Normal = 145 lbs.
  • Underweight = 107 lbs.
  • Severely Underweight = 96 lbs.
Now, I don't plan on getting in either the severely underweight or the underweight catergories, I know that I would not look good that thin, but I just thought I'd post it because it's interesting. Haha.
Anyway, my doctor told me to be between 125 and 130, but I think that might still be a little too small for how curvy I am and how large my boobs are. Anyway. I've been posting on here a lot today, I guess I've just missed it on here.
I need something like this to keep me on track.  

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01:38 pm - Rules
I have come up with a new set of 'rules' so that I can lose weight, but they are all very healthy rules because after going though the whole 'I-can't-eat-more-than-500-calories-a-day' thing, I really have decided that I am going to do this the healthy way because that's the only real way to lose weight and keep it off.
So here they are:
  • No soda, or juice that isn't 100% juice
  • Exercise three times a week
  • Have three fruits a day
  • Have three veggies a day
  • Have dessert once or twice a week, but not every day
  • Don't binge at lunch just because my friends are doing it
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
  • Have three, small meals a day
  • Don't binge just because mom is
  • No more slurpees
  • Only have 'frozen coffee' twice a week at the most, preferably once a week.
  • Eat breakfast everyday
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night
  • Don't eat while watching TV, reading a book, etc.
  • Chew slowly, take a sip of water after every other bite
  • Only eat food off of white plates (it's been proven that if you eat off a dark colored plate that you tend to eat more because you don't realize how much you're actually eating)
So, yeah, those are all my rules so far. I may add some or delete some, I don't know yet, but I really need to get healthy. I'm not even doing this just be skinny anymore, I'm doing it to be healthy and I want to be able to walk up stairs without feeling like a giant brick was thrown on my chest, you know?
Anyway, I just started using this again so I don't know exactly when I'll come back on, but I will come back on and let everybody know my progress so far. =]

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11:56 am - 10 lbs. down, 90 to go.

I, after being on here for over six months, have finally lost 10 pounds. =] I am finally down to 220 and I don't plan on getting any higher any time soon.
This last week I convinced my mom to let me go on a cleanse, but it wasn't one of those 'drink only lemonade, cheyenne pepper, and maple syrup' ones, it was an acutally healthy one which was my mom's only requirement for me doing it. What it is, is this:

B: fruit
L: 2 cups of salad, 1 oz lean meat, 1/4 lemon or lime
S: blend together 1 handful of spinach, 1/2 apple, 1 banana, 1 tea. chilie powder, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 lemon or lime juiced. (Sounds nasty, but tastes just like apple sauce)
D: 1/2 cup to 1 cup of rice or pasta, 3 oz. chicken or fish, 2 cups of veggies, and the pasta/rice cannot have any sauce on it.

So, it's not that bad for you and I've lost 6.2 pounds on it and I go back to eating normally on Monday, and today is Saturday, so only two more days of it and I'll be good to go, but I'm definitely not going to go back to my old way of eating with like Wendy's and McDonalds and Panda Express and stuff like that. I'm going to try to keep going because I'm going to Salt Lake in the summer and I want to be skinny and under 200 when I get there. I'll be in a swimsuit and I don't want to have to worry about being 220 lbs. and looking like a beached whale. =]

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02:21 pm - YouTube
So I finally gave in and I started a YouTube channel about makeup, hair, and shopping. You should check it out because I'm really excited and I already have four videos up.
One from last night and three from today.
When I get obsessed, I get obsessed.
Just watch it and let me know what you think. You don't have to subscribe or comment, but I would appreciate if you did because I like feedback from my fellow eating-fucked-up people. I love you all. =]

find me at www.youtube.com/users/comedytragedymasks

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07:13 am

Yesterday I went jean shopping because my current jeans have huge ass holes in them on the insides of the thighs, so I went to JCPenny because it's the only store I know that sells my size without costing an astronomical amount of money.
I'm going to come right out and say it, I hate shopping for jeans which is why I don't do it that often. When I hold up the jeans in front of myself and I see how huge they are and to know that that's what I wear kind of sickens more just a titch.
I can look at the positives though, I used to wear a size 19 in jeans but now I wear a size 17 which is definitely a big feat for me. =] That means I only have four sizes to lose to be able to fit into my size 9's from Hollister. I'm so fucking excited, you have no idea. Now, the pants I got are a size 17, but they're really lose around my hips and butt, but sort of tights around my thighs and calve, so my pants will fall down and sag off my hips. It makes me sad.
Now, I don't know how many of you love to go shopping and what your favorite thing to look for is when you're shopping, but mine is definitely shoes. I adore shores. I found this really cute pair that I'm going to buy at Forever 21 and it was my first time ever being in there. They're like four inches high, black, come up just past the ankle, peep toe booties, and they lace up in the front. I seriously fell in love with them the minute I saw them. Oh my gosh. I'm buying them this weekend and I will probably never ever wear them but it's still nice to have.
My boyfriend may be getting a job at Hollister which kind of makes me happy because the first thing that popped into my head was 'discount' and I just recently became a Hollister fan. I think it's kind of part of what's driving me to become thinner, so I can actually wear their clothes without feeling like a beached whale.


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07:15 am

Now, last night I only burned 410 calories at the gym in 65 minutes. =[ This kind of makes me sad, but it also makes me feel better to know that I got rid of one meal. I was only able to do 15 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes on the bike, and 20 minutes on the treadmill because when I was on the elliptical machine my step dad came in and told me that he was ready to go and I told him to let me do at least my fifteen minutes (on the machine if it's on manual you put in 15 minutes and then there's a 5 minute cool down = 20 minutes) and so he let me do that and I only burned 174 calories on the elliptical.
Gosh, I feel bad, but I shouldn't feel bad. I should feel good.
Now, I'm going to my boyfriend's today after school and I know that I'm going to end up eating a bunch of shitty food because that's all we do when we go to his house, but I also need to go to the mall because I need a new pair of jeans (size 17) because the one's I currently have (size 19) have holes in the thighs because my thighs are so fat and they rub together so furiously.
Anyway, so that's pretty much all I'm doing today. And homework.
Everybody should be proud of me. I have a 8.7 grade point average right now. I told that to my mom last night and she said, 'yeah, well, it's only been two weeks, so we'll see at the end of the quarter,' while flipping through a magazine and then I said, 'no, it's actually been a month and a half,' her, 'has it? oh my god it has,' and I procede to not because I'm always right, 'we only have a month until the quarter ends,' her, 'oh my gosh, I'm so proud of you.'
I know that I've had my rough patches with school considering I've been suspended, had a grade point average of 1.6 and all the rest, but I honestly am doing so much better because I finally pulled my head out of my ass and I'm thinking seriously about school.

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05:25 pm

So, I've done pretty well today except for the fact that I kind of sort of had a little piece of hershey's chocolate, a reese's peanut butter cup, a kit kat bar, half of a milky way, 5 jolly ranchers, and a bag of m&m's, but all of them were the mini packages, you know? Like, it's a varity pack and they're all really small. Haha. Yeah. Other than that though, I've done pretty good.
I've had a bagel (260) with cream cheese (10) for breakfast, and for my first snack of the day I had 1 mandarin orange (30), for lunch I had grapes (50) and a pb crisp (136) that my mom and I made, and then I came home and had two hot dogs (260) on two hot dog buns (220), so okay, not so fantastic, but I'm going to the gym tonight and I'm going to do break it down.
When I first get there I'm going to do 20 minutes on the elliptical machine (-200) then after I'm done with that I'm going to do 30 minutes on the stationary bicycle (-100) then I'm going to do the treadmill for 20 minutes (-100, I think) and then I'm going to do the elliptical for another 20 minutes (-200). That's a total loss of 600 calories which is totally fine with me. I need to work out! I haven't been to the gym for two weeks because of stupid school.

On a different note, I am sixteen as some of you know, and I'll be turning seventeen in October which means that I'm only a year and a half away from being eighteen and I can't even tell you how exciting it is that the next presidential election will be in 2012 and it'll be my first year voting! It's so exciting. Anyway, I've decided what tattoo I'm going to get.
I've always kind of been against sleeves of tattoos or ones on your chest where people could see them because to me, tattoos are a private thing and I want to be able to cover them if I need to. That being said, my mom has a lot of friends who do have sleeves and I don't hate it, it just depends on what career you want to have because in most states if you apply for a job to work at a bank, they generally won't hire you if you have sleeves or tattoos or large ass gauges. That's just how it is. Now I said generally speaking. I have piercings, I have both my lobes (obviously), my cartalidge on my right ear, my nose, and my eyebrow. I don't want people getting mad at me for my opinion on tattoos.
Anyway, I've decided that when I turn eighteen, my present is going to be a tattoo on my left shoulder that's going to say pearl moons and sapphire oceans.
It sounds kind of silly and I can't really explain what it means to me, it's just always something I've kind of told myself when I was going through something hard, but I know it doesn't really make sense, but I love it. Anyway, I just wanted to inform everybody of that. =]

Current Location: on my bed
Current Music: saltwater room by owl city

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08:29 pm

I'm sick. If there is one thing I hate more than anything it's being sick. I have a stuffy nose, a headache, and a sore throat. It totally sucks balls. I can't eat any dairy without feeling like I'm choking and if I drink soup then it clears out my nostrils of all the snot and it drips in my soup. It is so not okay with me.
I'm going to go to bed as soon as we eat dinner and then I'm going to go to school tomorrow and feel like complete and utter shit. Yay! Good times all around.
I've been eating cough drops like they're candy.
I've had a bagel with cream cheese, a small chicken pho (which is like a better top ramen with meat), and I'm going to have pasta and a hot dog. =] Then I'm going to bed.
I hope I'm better by the weekend because I've been dying to go to the gym all week since I've been sick and I can't because I'm scared that I will either pass out or vomit.
Tomorrow, I have a feeling, is going to be about the same as today.
The one good thing about being sick is that you don't have to eat a whole hell of a lot and you won't get lectured!
I'm thinking about going and grabbing a popsicle, but I really don't want to get my lazy ass off my bed. Haha. I showered and I feel so much better now. I hate being sick and not showering. It's gross.
I really don't have anything to say about losing weight because honestly I'm just trying to focus on changing my eating habits and being healthy rather than starving myself.

On another, completely off topic, note I got a book from the library for the first time today. It's called Impulse and it's by the same author who wrote Crank. I heard it's a really good book and I heard that she's a really good writer, but I've never read Crank or any of her books for that matter, so if I like her book then I'll read the other ones she's written, but I won't be able to read it for the next few days anyway because I'm currently in the middle of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and I'm only on page 30, but there's only, like, 200 pages in it so it's a really easy read, it's just so dry that I don't want to read it. Haha.

Current Location: my bed.
Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: beautiful by akon

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11:43 am

So you know how I said that I was going to weigh myself bi-weekly and then work my way up to weighing myself monthly? Well, today was my first bi-weekly weigh in day and I gained two pounds. Now, I was expecting this because, to be perfectly honest, I kind of sort of binged last night with my friend. I went to her house and we sat on her couch and watched movies and ate badbadnono food.
Would you like to know what I ate?
I had one of those frozen dinners of fettecine alfredo, and an entire package of thin mint girl scout cookies to myself. Then after a few hours she and I ran to the store and decided to get more food. We got Oreo's, peach-o's, nerd rope, cheddar chip mix, tims chips, a pint of cake batter ice cream, a drum stick, and gobstoppers and I think that's it.
Now, the oreo's were both of us, but the only things that were mine were the peach-o's, cheddar mix, and the pint of ice cream. Of course I gained two pounds, I ate five times my daily caloric intake.
Fucking jesus christ.
Anyway, it's a new month tomorrow which means a new Delia and I am fully dedicating myself to it. =]
I need to focus on school and losing weight. I mean, those two things aren't very hard so I don't see why I can't just do it.

Anyway, this is not about eating, but it's exciting news for me.
Now, as you may have known, I've never done particularly well in school, I've always gotten C's and D's, but I've passed so it never really mattered to me, but I don't know what happened a few months ago, but I have completely dedicated myself to doing school work and homework and studying for test and I'm actually doing really well in school right now.
That being said, I signed up for this program at my school called The Academy of Finance a few weeks ago. What it is, is it's a program that goes over the course of two years and you learn four different subjects. You take banking and credit, which is what my mom does for a living so if I don't get it she can help me, and personal finance and two other classes that I can't remember to save my life. Anyway, so I signed up for this program and you have to fill out an application and they'll evaluate your recommendations, your grades, and if you've taken any of the pre-requisits.
I've only taken one out of the six pre-requisits, which was accountins, but I got great recommendations and my grades were pretty good except for one class last semester.
I was really  nervous that I wouldn't get in,but I did!
I was so excited.
Their senior year they take a trip to New York and go to Wall Street and make great contacts and meet CEO's and stuff like that for two weeks, so I'm definitely excited for that one. =]
Also, every Wednesday there's a manditory dress up day where they have to wear business attire (pencil skirts, blazers, heels, and things like that), so that will be interesting since nobody's ever seen me wear a suit or heels. Haha.
The only reason I'm kind of scared is because I also signed up for AP english and honors algebra which shouldn't be too difficult because I'm really good at math, but it's still nerve racking. Not only that, but I'm also doing Running Start which is where you take college classes and get high school credit and high school credit for it and the school pays for it.
There's going to be a lot on my plate and I'm iind of nervous, but I think that I can do good things with this. =]
My family's going out to celebrate at a really expensive restaurant because I've never done anythign like thing before. I never did sports or extraciriculars. Wish me luck. =]

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